Rescue Guitars: Buy a shirt. Help us donate a guitar!

What are rescue guitars?

If you’re not familiar with Guitar Street then you probably don’t know that we rescue guitars. We find the beaten, abused and forgotten guitars… mostly Vintage Japanese guitars (because they hold up really well, even after decades of abuse) and we bring them back to life.

Just to be clear, we probably couldn’t classify these rescues as restorations. We’re just trying to get them playable again… find a good tone and then a good home.

What’s the deal with the t-shirts?

We sell t-shirts because we’re not making money on the sale of the majority of our guitars. The big rescues are time consuming and can cost as much in parts as the guitar is worth. We just want to see them go to good homes. So if you like what we do, and you like our designs, please purchase a t-shirt.

What about the donated guitars?

Donating guitars was never part of the plan. It just happened. After I was made redundant during the Covid19 lock down, there was a lot of time to think. What I realised was that I have it pretty good. There are kids out there whose lives can be improved through learning music. The guitar saved my life a few times, so I want to bring that hope to some one else.

The first project took a while to complete, but the plan is to try and donate a guitar every month.

The profits from the sales of the t-shirts will allow me to get more guitars into the hands of kids who need them. I could explain more, but you’d be better off just watching this video. it features the “Let There Be Rust” t-shirt project.

We’ll be back-filling the rescue guitar projects we’ve already finished, plus adding the new ones. If you haven’t already, check out our Youtube channel. We try top document as many of them as we can, here!

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