Are Greco Screamin 82 pickups good?

Are Greco Screamin 82 pickups good?

The Scream’in 1982 humbuckers. are entry level greco humbuckers… but my word they rip!

The Screamin 82 actually represents a new era for Greco pickups.

The U1000 from last episode was an entry level pickup manufactured by Maxon. 

These were found in Grecos right up to the Super Real era, where they made their last stand in the Super Power EG 500 etc

Then the Mint Collection arrives in 1982, signalling an end to the Maxon pickups. 

Greco Screamin 82 tshirt
Greco Screamin 82 tshirt features the Greco Screamin 1982 pickups we tested, pulled from a Greco Les Paul – RR55

Fujigen takes over manufacturing of pickups and the U1000 disappears from the line up. 

It’s replaced by the Screamin 82. 

Much like the U1000 it replaced, the Screamin pickups utilised ceramic magnets

According the Japtone Site, resistance is around the 7.65k

So what does it sound like?

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