Fernandes Sustainer lite FR-65s 1997


Fernandes Sustainer Plus Shipping: $650

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Fernandes Sustainer Plus Free Shipping: $650

This is one of the most beautiful 1990s Fernandes Japan I’ve come across… and it has the sustainer circuit intact ands working. (it seems a lot of people have realised that the electronics alone can sell upwards of $300 these days)

WHAT’S A SUSTAINER? (Answer below)

The colour is a metallic gunmetal grey with a shard of olive. In the light it’s a goldish olive grey and in the dark it’s a gunmetal. The body of this thing is in great shape – especially for its age. Two small chips in the pain on the headstocck – one is covered with a dot of black glue – the other is still visible. there are some slight wear marks around the bottom edges too. Aside from that this thing is pretty much as new. There seems to be plastic still under the input jack.. been there since the 90s by the look of it

The frets are about +95%. The fretboard is clean and smooth. Neck is straight and I have set up with a nice low action. It’s a lot of fun to play! I wrote 159 terrible prog metal intros and break downs in the the past two hours. No doubt you’ll do better with it than me. (yes I will post a video of one of the better proggy noises i recorded)

OK… WHAT’S A SUSTAINER? (Answer) Basically it’s an active pickup + circuit that gives you endless (literally will sustain forever) sustain. There is a switch to turn it on. And a knob to control the sustain – I think it works on gain, not sure but it’ll give you harmonics if you open it up and just sustain on the edge of feedback on the cleaner setting.

Tuners (gotoh – one seems to have a chrome finish, where the others are a flatter matte silver) only just noticed this when I was taking pics.
Maple neck 22 fret rosewood fingerboard
soft maple body
SSH pickup configuration with a Fernandes Sustainer installed.
Single tone/volume knobs with a Sustain volume knob and 5 way selector.
Wilkinson bridge (with tremolo arm)
Instruction manual
soft gig bag

Please hit me up with any questions. I’ll have the video up some time in the next day


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