1972 Greco Les Paul – ‘Gneco’ logo EG360B Free Shipping


This 1972 Greco Les Paul is another one of our rescue guitars.

$610 includes Free shipping in Australia.

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This 1972 Greco Les Paul is another one of our rescue guitars.

$610 includes Free shipping in Australia.

Meet Captain Greco LP

It came to us as a bit of a basket case. Looks like the previous Japanese owner had some punk aspirations. He or she had sanded down the paing (poorly) to a matte finish, removed the bridge pickup (actually, just hidden it under a patch), re-routed the output jack and attempted to scratch off the Greco (GNECO) logo. The frets were completely flat too and the fretboard was dented and bruised, with binding lifting off and crumbling in places.

One look at the “before” images and you’ll start to understand why we named this one “Captain Greco LP”… that eye patch! Arrrr.

See the t-shirt: 

1972 Greco Les Paul – The Rescue:

  • Stripped – found the Maxon neck humbucker hiding under the eye patch. Unfortunately it needs a re-wind, but will be included in the sale (hit up @Tym guitars for a rewind)
  • De-fretted the neck, filled the divots in the fretboard with rosewood sawdust + glue, radius sanded (12) and refretted with medium wire
  • Levelled, crowned etc the new frets + gave them a bullet end finish
  • Filled the hole where the Gneco logo had been scratched off
  • Replaced some sections of the crumbling binding. Filled with bone dust and glue to fix other sections – I like to keep some reminder that this is a rescue and not a restoration
  • Sprayed the headstock with black nitro
  • Added a gold “Greco” logo. There were no “Gneco” LP logos available, so this headstock has an upgrade. Reliced the logo slightlit
  • Sprayed headstock with yellow tinted nitro
  • Original tuners were cleaned and serviced
  • Body was ding-filled and then sanded back to a shine with 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000 grit and a buff.
  • Body then had a flash coat of nitro applied.
  • The body is now back to a lustre – but note, it is not a respray. This is not a perfect job. I am rescuing not restoring and the price reflects this. There are still dings and chips visible + slight peel in the area under the strings
  • 50s style wiring harness with vintage Russian caps from Guitar Sauce and cloth wire
  • original Maxon Humbucker is in the bridge
  • Neck pickup is an MIJ mystery bucker I had lying around. It’s got some nice tones and beef.
  • new jack and jack plate (back to the original position)
  • new silver top witches hat knobs.
  • Also built a new bone nut

Plays nicely. I have strung it with 10-46 D’Addario strings and it’s got some really nice sustain and tone.

Free Shipping in Australia.

Neck will be removed for shipping.



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