Greco U-1000 Pickup: Vintage Humbucker Tone Library

Are Greco U-1000 pickup any good? Let me answer that…

Well, after months of accumulating scores of vintage humbuckers, and trying to hide them form my wife, the Vintage Humbucker Tone Library is now Live. Well, episode 1 is live: Greco U-1000.

About the experiment

This is about finding out how the different pickups will sound in this rig. It’s NOT about the guitar. I am controlling as many variables as I can to see what tones will come out from all the pickups being tested… I am controlling all the variables I can of the environment in this experiment. If you’re looking for a Spark Amp demo using Tone Cloud presets, these will all stay the same!


  • Guitar – Greco Les Paul 1978 EG 500
  • Spark Amp with 4 presets (see video)
  • Strings (D’Adario 10-52)
  • Lead
  • Mic Shure SM57 in same spot etc
  • Interface = Solo Scarlett

Contact me if you’d like to be involved in the experiment, I need people with different rigs, better playing ability and access to recording and video. Yes, you get to keep the pickup you test.

Greco EG500 Les Paul
Greco EG500 Les Paul. The Mule on the bench.

Ep 1: Greco U-1000 Pickup , by Maxon

This pickup was manufactured by Maxon it’s a 1978 and doesn’t appear to be wax potted – some weren’t in the earlier days.

Interesting to note that the Maxon U-1000 pickups were also rebadged as the Ibanez Super 70. Same Same. No different.

The Japtone Website has an average Greco U1000 resistance listed at 7.72. This seems to be bang, as the resistance I measured from these U-1000s was 7.73k.

Maxon Greco U-1000 pickup resistance is 7.73k

Are the Greco U-1000 pickups good? Yes. They are. There, I said it.

For an entry level guitar and pickup, the U-1000 punches way above its weight.

Next episode: Greco Scream’In 1982 … not a Dry Z, but never be disappointed when these things are in one of your guitars. Stay tuned!

If you’d like to help support the tone library, please purchase a t-shirt:

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SNAKEBYTE Guitar Pick t Shirt

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